2021 Season

Fate of Fairchild Farm.png

May 14-16, 21-23, 29

June 5, 12, 19, 26 (Saturday nights only in June)

An old time Melodrama with the hero and villain ready to entertain!

Meet the Fairchild family- Mrs. Fairchild, Miss Lucinda Melinda Dorinda, Stu and Aloysius and their Irish maid Bridget. The Hero is Nathan Trueheart and the Villain is Uriah R. Nogoode with his minion Zebedee Hench. The fate of the farm rests on the brothers -Stu and Aloysius! As they are off searching for gold, Miss Lucinda Melinda Dorinda is determined to stay with her true love Nathan Trueheart but Uriah R. Nogoode and Zebedee have other plans!


Strawberry Cast

Performance dates May 21-23, June 5, 19


Mother Fairchild - Debbie Pope

Bridget  O'Blarney- Lori Jackson

Lucinda Fairchild - Melodie Pennington

Nathan Trueheart - Adam McCollough

Uriah R. Nogoode - Steve James

Zebedee Hench - Kyle French

Stu Fairchild - Jim Vogt

Aloysius Fairchild - Chris Clark

Blueberry Cast

Performance dates May 14-16, 29, June 12, 26


Mother Fairchild - Christie Romo

Bridget  O'Blarney- Kerry Kavanaugh

Lucinda Fairchild - Cooper Romo

Nathan Trueheart - Adam McCollough

Uriah R. Nogoode - Brian Patrick

Zebedee Hench - Beverly Taylor

Stu Fairchild - Donald Gilmore

Aloysius Fairchild - Bart Batman