Miracle on Route 66 

written by Valerie Speaks


Auditions for this farcical Christmas show will be held at Sapulpa Community Theatre, 124 S Water St, on Saturday, September 11, at 2pm and Monday, September 13th at 6:30pm.

Various ages 20+ for 2 Males and 4 Females with 1 male/ female role.

Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script.

Character descriptions:

Terry Kalman M/F 20+ :  Stage Manager/Director/Co-writer/Producer. Starts off cool and competent, loses control, but eventually rallies the cast to save the show.

Michael Handy M 40+:  actor, plays "Bob Catchit" and "Jake Marley."  Also acts as ticket taker, piano player and tech. Eternally harassed and put-open.

Fenella Snoot F 40+: actor, plays "Charity Collector," "Mrs. Fezziwig" and "Mrs. Catchit." The theatre's principal donor and never lets anyone forget it. Tries to run everything, over-decorates, consistently forgets her lines.

Jess Harried F 20+: Actor, plays "Nephew Fred" and "Young Ebben" and ends up playing  "Lil Tim" as well. Obviously a woman dressed as a man, enthusiastic volunteer who runs out of steam. Wears a fake mustache (that falls off) and uses an unbelievable low voice.

Emily Falter F 20ish: Actor, plays "Caroler," "Bella" and "Martha." This is her first show. Terrified when things go wrong.

Monty Vane M 50+: Actor, plays "Ebben Scrooge." Likes to think he is classically-trained actor, far too good for community theatre. His claim to fame is playing the butler in a Broadway tour decades ago.  A real prima donna who refuses to help cover for disasters.

Megan F Any 20+: Actor, plays "Caroler" and the "Spirit of Christmas" (3 spirits in 1). A lethargic actress who becomes frantically energetic when possessed by "Taps" the Theatre Ghost, a mischievous poltergeist.

Show Dates: 

Dec 3-5, 10-12*

Friday and Saturday show times are at 7:30pm

Sundays are 2pm

Saturday, December 11 show is at 2pm